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8 Unknown Yet Stunning Places In India That Can Be Your Next Travel Destination


Basically travelling anedi oka manchi hobby, konchem costly kuda anukondi. Manalo chala mandiki time undadu, kontha mandiki interest undadu, inkontha mandiki konni technical problems valla kudaradu. Veellandarini pakkana pedithe, there are some people who loves to travel. And they do travel a lot. Sadharananga manam travelling anagane ee kerala no, ladhak oo ani mind lo fix aypothu untam. But mana India lo kerala, ladhak ee kakunda inka chala beautiful places unnay. Ivi peddaga famous kakapovachu, but if you want peace of mind we insist you to immediately pack your bags and go there.
1.Majuli, Assam:trevellingManalo chala mandiki theliyani vishayam ento thelusa, Majuli is the world’s largest island surrounded by river. It is surrounded by bramhaputra river. If anyone out there is a lover of tribal beauty, ee place meku must visit.
2. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh:Hill station anagane andaru Ooty, Kulu Manali ki velthuntaru kani, okka sari meru khajjiar vellaru ante, you can never enjoy any other place. Oka rakanga cheppali ante, idi mana India ke Switzerland lantidi. You can do lot of things here. Ikkada manam trekking cheyyachu, camping cheyyachu creativity unte inka chala cheyyachu.
3. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh:This town is already famous for its temples and waterfalls. But ee place main attraction avanni kadu, ‘Marble Hills’. Narmada river meda nundi upto 100 ft paiki marble rocks extend ayyi unta. You know okka sari chusthe mere cheptharu aa experience entha magical ga untundo.
4. Dhankushkodi, Tamilnadu:If meru haunted places, horror films fan aythe this place is absolutely for you. Oka rakanga cheppali ante ido ghost town. Aa place lo em jarigindo velli mere thelusukondi, appude kick baguntundi. But all you find here in this place is a ruined, creepy church that looks like it belongs in a horror film.
5. Hemis, Jammu, and Kashmir:We can guarantee two things here, 1. Snow leopards 2. Himalayas. Snow-leopard ane pere chala mandi first time vivi untaru kada. Apart from all those, you can have a breath taking view of Himalayas from here. And lots and lots of fresh oxygen. Koddi sepu State of Nirvana loki vellipotharu ante nammandi.
6. Anthargange, Karnataka:This place is an absolute beauty. Okati ani specific ga mention cheyadaniki em ledu, everything here is special and beautiful. This place is basically a paradise for trekkers and explorers. Inka mere artham cheskondi ee range lo untundo.

7. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya:Books lo villages ni ela describe chestharo gurthunda, full of green, life, happiness. Ee village exact ga alane untundi. Etu chusina green and green and only green. Inko plus point ento thelusa, ikkada cleanliness chusi you will literally get shocked. Mawlynnong is basically India’s answer to perfection.
8. Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh:
One of the highest passes in the world, Sela pass is one of those places you are scared to visit but also absolutely should. Situated right next to the paradise lake, filled with the bluest, clearest water you’ll ever see and lush greenery, this less-frequented place is absolutely beautiful.

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