9 Vegetarian foods those are high in protein


Protein is one thing that our body needs to ensure healthy functioning. Be it proper diet or proper exercise, proteins are needed for your body. Here are some vegetarian foods those contain great amounts of protein.

1. Bobbarlu – Black Eyed Peas1vegeritian-foodThese are one famous pulse that is cooked at houses and is used in many curries too. They are great sources of proteins and is advised to consume regularly.

2. Senagalu – Chickpeas2vegeritian-foodThey’re high in protein and fiber, and low in calories. They can be added to curries or salads too.

3. Rajma – Kidney Beans3vegeritian-food
They contain good amount of carbs, protein and fibre. They can be consumed in the form of curries or with steamed rice.

4. Milk4vegeritian-foodApart from being a rich source of protein, milk is rich in calcium and ensures good bone health, strong teeth, a healthy immune system and glowing skin.

5. Paalakura – Spinach5vegeritian-foodThis contains 50% protein and can be used extensively to make a lot of dishes.

6. Batani – Green Peas6vegeritian-foodThis is a house of good amount of protein and fibre. They can be added to curries or rice dishes too.

7. Tofu7vegeritian-foodIt is a kind of paneer made out of soy milk and is a plant-based complete protein that makes an excellent addition to vegetarian Indian dishes.

8. Soya beans or soya chunka8vegeritian-foodSoy protein contains all of the essential amino acids, which means that it’s a complete protein.

9. Dry fruits9vegeritian-foodCashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, raisins, etc., they contain a lot of amino acids and hence is a source of high protein.