A Few Instances Where Our Outer Reaction Is Totally Opposite To The Inner Reaction

Manam konni konni day to day life situations lo act cheyyalsi vasthundhi. Ante mana inner feeling okala untundhi kani baitiki mathram verega chupinchalsi vasthundhi. Alanti konni situations ni chuddhama?

1. When someone steps on your feet.

1 - foot

2. When you decide to resign from the job.

2 - resign

3. When someone teases you with your crush name.

3 - crush

4. When a guy has to talk to his girlfriend parents about marriage.

4 - marrigae

5. When someone praises you.

5 - prasies

6. Every girl’s reaction: When bae snuggles with you. Outside: Oh! Stop it, Inside: Continue.

6 - suggles

7. iPhone users.

7 - iphone

Hope meeru eh article ki connect ayye untaru. Comment and let me know if you faced any other similar situations in your life.

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