A Few Lucky Winners Are Going To Own A Dream House In Mumbai


The Mumbai Housing and Area Development Authority is all set to hold a lottery system for allotting close to 4,275 homes in Mumbai. The draw is scheduled to be held in the month of February and the flats will be handed over in the month of April.

The homes will be segregated for different category of people based on their economical standards. For people in the low income group, 2,629 homes will be available. For the middle income groups, 1,311 homes will be available. For people with in the weaker economical sections, 329 homes will be available.

The prices of these homes will range from Rs. 4.32 lacs to Rs. 40.93 lacs which will cater to all the income groups. The online registration will commence from January 13, 2016. Applications on the MHADA portal will be allowed from January 14 to February 2, 2016.

The final list of eligible candidates will be put up on MHADA’s lottery website. The draw will commence on February 24, 2016.

Here are the details of the houses that will be allotted:

Location: 183 flats in Thane (164 in Kavesar, 19 in Balkum), Mira Road (310), Virar (3,755), Vengurla (27)

Size: The size for the low income flat is around 368 sq feet while that of the middle income flat is approximately 670 sq feet.

Earnest money of Rs 5,300 Rs 10,300 to be paid for low income, middle income house at the time of booking.

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