A Few Wrong Interpretations On All Women’s Colleges

Women’s college anagane konni opinions form cheskuntaru janalu. Avi influence valla, vere vallu cheppindhi vini ledha women college lo chadive oka ammayino iddharno chusi vallaki form ayyi undacchu. Kani those opinions are different from what actually happens in women colleges. Come let’s check out the misconceptions people usually hold for women colleges.

1. They won’t get a proper education:

Women’s Colleges

There’s a belief that co-ed colleges attract better professors. Women’s college lo faculty correct ga undaru so vallaki correct ga chepparu ane opinion untundhi. Kani that’s not true. Mostly All women’s colleges have fantastic professors, and graduates leave very prepared for the workforce.

2. They ignore the real world:

Women’s Colleges

Critics “veelu real world miss avthunnaru” ani antuntaru….” men tho interact avvadam theliyali” ani kuda antaru. Kani ikkada vallu miss ayye point entante college timings lo kakunda manam kuda valla la men tho interact avthamani.

3. Their parents made them go there:

Women’s Colleges

Mostly idhi andharu ane mate! Parents valla daughters ni vallu control lo pettukodaniki women’s college ki pampincharu ani, kani istapadi velluntaremo ani okkaru kuda anukoru kani there will be girls who are really interested in women’s college. Okavela parents ki ma opinion nacchithe that will become a bonus point for them! Anthe.

4. There will be tons of drama:

Women’s Colleges

Girls normal gane drama create chestharu…politics ekkuvaga untundhi women’s college lo antaru andharu..kani girls lo kuda helping nature unna vallu untaru, Eatables share cheskune vallu untaru, Jokes crack cheskuni enjoy cheskune vallu untaru. So drama anedhi evaraina hurt ayi nappudu thappa eppudu jaragadhu.

5. Everyone is conservative and uptight:

Women’s Colleges

Girls college lo andharu orthodox type ane conclusion ki vacchestharu chala mandhi, kani adhi wrong…chala entertaining ga unde vallu untaru. There’s a very negative belief that most of the students at women’s colleges go there because they’re deeply conservative and want to isolate themselves from boys and social life. Naku thelisi idhe major misconception.

6. They are not interested in men:

Women’s Colleges

I think being interested in men is totally fine kani we should not be desperate to find them. Studying in women’s college doesn’t mean that we are not interested in men..remember!

7. Their sports team might be terrible:

Women’s Colleges

While men’s sports may receive more funding and attention than women’s, women are just as athletic as men, and women’s sports teams can be just as good as men’s. What do you say?

So these are the misconceptions people around usually hold for women’s colleges. Hit like if you are also a student in women’s college. Comment and let me know if people are interpreting any other things about women’s college wrongly and also write clearly not to do it!

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