Smart Ways To Wear A Heels Without Feeling Pain


It would probablyvery difficult to find a woman who does not like high heels. But there is one thing that always comes in between a woman and her precious pair of heels. Yes, it is the ‘pain’ that heels bring with them.Are you also the one who keeps away from these temptations just because of the above reason? Well, in that casethere are some smart ways to wear them without feeling pain.

Choose Perfect Size

Smart ways to wear a Heels

The logic is simple – One of the biggest mistakes that women make is to buy the wrong size. Small-sized shoes squeeze your nerves and muscles, leads to excessive pain. On the other hand, shoe larger than your feet does not provide your leg with the right kind of support, and hence you feel the pain. So, it is very important to buy the right size. This one step alone can reduce the discomfort up to a large extent.

Quality of the Heels

Smart ways to wear a Heels

The quality of the heels is directly related to the level of comfort you would feel when you wear them. The factors like design, material, shape, etc., are some of the important things to be taken into consideration while buying the heels. So next time, be informed and do not take a chance with the quality, else you mind end up with sore feet due to your negligence.

Avoid being for a long time

Smart ways to wear a Heels

High heels change the neuromechanism of your body. Continuously walking or standing in heels for a long period of time will make your knees, thighs, and back suffer from permanent pain. So, when you wear heels, avoid standing or walking for too long. Seat yourself frequently to take the pressure off your knees.

Apply Deodorant

Smart ways to wear a Heels

Wearing Heels can cause blisters sometimes, and leave you with really painful feet. But not worry, as there is a solution for this too. Take your roll-on deodorant, rub it on the edges of your foot and apply some on inside the heels, and wear them without worrying about the bites and pain.

Use Shaving cream

Smart ways to wear a Heels

Next time before wearing Heels then apply shaving cream a night before on and leave overnight. It is an easy and quick way to escape and pain and bytes of if you need to wear it for a long time and wash it with water. You’ll notice the magic…