A Mother’s Paddy Field Struggles Inspired An 8th Grade Student To Invent A ‘Paddy Filling Machine’

Amma tho kalisi vegetables tedaniki velladam, kirana shop ki velli monthly sarukulu tevadam, amma battalu utukutunte adi chudaleka first salary tho washing machine gift ga ivadam. Ila manamantha mana mothers ki manaku tochina udutha sahayam cheyadam andaru chesede. Idi antha mana mothers mida prema tho manam chese chinna chinna helps.

But 8th grade student Abhishek’s gift is epitome example of what a son can do for a mother will win your hearts.

1 - paddy field

Mana andari lage Marripalli Abhishek an 8th grade student ki tana mother ante chala istam. Mana andari mothers lage Abhishek mother kuda chala kastapaduthu untundi. Intlo pani eh kakunda paddy fields lo daily wage labour ga paddy antha tisi bags lo vesthu chala kastapadutundi. Idi chusina Abhishek tana mother ki elagaina help cheyali anukunnadu.

Ika anthe amma kosam oka device chese pani lo padipoyadu, ee thought ni tana guide Venkatesham ane athanitho share cheskunnadu. Venkatesham kuda help cheyadam tho Abhishek aa device ki kavalsina raw material antha collect cheskunnadu. Two tyres, iron sheet, few iron pipes rods, weighing & stitching machines help tho paddy field lo paddy ni collect chese vidhanga ‘Paddy Filling Machine’ design chesadu.

2 - ktr paddy field

Atlast amma Rajavva paduthunna kastanaki full stop pette ‘Paddy Filling Machine’ design chesadu koduku Abhishek. The machine costed around Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 rupees to build and does the work of three persons. Not only a paddy machine but you can use this machine to fill maize and wheat in gunny bags.

Abhishek Exhibited His Paddy Machine in ‘National Level Inspire Science Exhibition’ which was held at IIT-Delhi and won 10,000 rupees.

3 - paddy field

Abhishek’s father Gulf lo labour ga work chestunaru ikkada tana mother daily labour ga work chestundi. Ilanti odd situations ni pakkana petti oka machine design chesina Abhishek danini National Level Inspire Science Exhibition which was held at IIT-Delhi lo exhibit chesadu anduku ataniki 10 rupees and laptop gift kuda vachindi.

Inthaki villa village ekkado cheppaledu kadu….Vemulawada mandal lo unna Hanmajipet ane tiny village villadhi. Ide village lo unna ZPHS school lo Abhishek 8th class chaduvutunnadu. Recent ga Abhishek secured first place in the district level event and at the State level in Warangal and his lifetime goal is to become a IAS officer. Recently KTR also appreciated Abhishek and offered support for further innovations in future.

“Abhishek’s story remains as a best example for his age group students and others to achieve goals and think innovatively towards desired goals”.

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