A never before Aerial act in Hyderabad


Hyderabad these days is loaded with events! Feb 13th roju necklace road, people’s plaza lo jarigina ee musical Aerial act is something which never happened before. Hyderabad kuda these days is exploring in theatre, music, and fine art, oka French performance company Transe express all in one, it’s a visual treat to watch.aerial act

Carillon oka music instrument, bells tho surround ayi untundi, vellandaru oka group of bell
ringers,aerialistics and face artists.

The sound of the bells, thousands of people vinochu. Gilles Rhode, Brigitte Burdin, Leo Guillemaud, Nicole Ragaigne and Jean Marc Chaix. “Gilles and Brigitte ” 35 years mundu street performers 35 years mundu vala career start chesaru. Slowly vala team grew with the time and ipudu there are 13 amazingly talented artists in the team.

Ee performance veelu as a team ga India lo cheyadam first time, vala next performance chennai and later in Delhi. Mundhu Drama tho start ayina ee act, later 30ft up eli instruments play chestaru, meanwhile, vere team members aa music ki aerial dance chesaru.aerial act

Sky lo oka chinna flower laga form ayi tarwatha widen ayi ah lights tho lotus laga kanpistadi, , sky lo tiruguthu music play chesaru. Entha beautiful ga unde ante, darilo vele manushulu aagi mari chusaru, it looked effortlessly beautiful but it takes so much hardwork ala danni present cheyadaniki. Without any support, without any safety chesaru, it was risky but amazing!

Our Hyderabad people loved it, evar ayithe ee event miss ayaru, you should wait them to come backagain!