Bahubali 2 question ki answer correct ga predict cheshna person is…


Bahubali 1 release ayyi oka 2 years aindi. This movie chaala questions create chesindi mind lo. One very big question that almost killed and made people wait all the time is, “why katappa killed bahubali?”

Ee question and many other questions ki chaala people tried predicting and guessing the story and answer. Devasena evaru, rana problem enti, Prabhas ela chanipoyadu, katappa enduku chanipoyadu, ilanti many many questions. Ivannitiki evari predictions vaallu ichukunnaru but movie release ainaka, andari answers wrong ani telindi.

But there is one person who guessed this entire thing absolutely right! Sushant Dahal predicted the answer to why katappa killed bahubali and posted it on Quora and explained the entire story behind Kattappa killing Baahubali. This answer was dated July 18, 2015. His answer shocked many people after the movie got released.

Here is the answer he posted at Quora.Sushant-bahal