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A Son’s Expression About His Mother!


Most of the times, daughters are father’s favorites.They are backed by fathers and get protected in several occasions. Not that fathers don’t look after their sons but as they grow up, father and son have an intense unspoken bond between themselves. Fathers support their sons behind their back. That’s why sons are more affectionate and close to their mothers. They have an equation which is very precious. That’s untold truth!

I too was afraid of my dad, may be because he was busy or strict or tempered. So I spent most of the time with my mother. She is an English lecturer. All the English I learnt and the career I have now is because of her. It was so amazing when she used to prepare study schedules for me and made me do it without fail. If I was successful in my academics till my high school, it was all her training. Also, she stressed the importance of physical discipline which I realized now, that being fit makes you more mentally stable. Daily morning before she used to leave for work, she would get our tiffin box ready and made sure we get our proteins right.

She is an independent woman, the most educated one in her family. Moreover it was her passion, which made her take up teaching field. Facing several struggles and being worked in several positions, she still loves her job. This quality of believing in herself and work on your passion gave me strength to take up what I loved. She got into job right after I was born, and it is still tough for me to understand how she managed me as a kid and did her job right. And as a teenager, she used to motivate me so that I did not lose my track to bullshit. She made me take care of my younger sister and look after her in a sensible and responsible way.

Speaking of responsibilities, my mother stressed that I should learn to do all the household chores. She used to send me to market, taught me how to cook and do stuff. I can proudly say I can do these works perfectly than many of my peers. Doing these made me respect women more, which was her main idea in making me do these. This made me more practical and get my perspective right.

Growing up, I was more afraid to my dad and more attached to my mother. Being an introvert, I could not get things done, I could not ask what I required, to a point that I had to persuade my mother to say them to my father. Then again, she changed me. In a situation where I was struggling in between my passion and graduation, it was her who made me realize that it is all about knowing yourself. That triggered me to what I have become now. It was because of her I could convince my dad that I want to do what I am passionate about.

She is a regular mother, who was worried about her son’s career. She was adamant on letting me realize that everything has to be done in right time. But still, she was proud that I was not in a regular career as all and I was doing something new. She boosted my confidence. At this point in life, I just want to be happy and technically that is my ambition. She was happy to know that I am content in that.

Though this bond is common for every mother and son and these are regular emotions, this had to be said loud. What I feel growing up, is that I want to be like my mother. I am trying to get there. Be stable in life and achieve the goals one by one. And I would just be happy to just take care of my mother till the end. That is my only wish! Thank you making me. I love you mother.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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