There Is A Thaman’s Song For Everyday Life Situations Which Suits Everybody Can Relate To


Recent ga Thaman anna oka music albumni minchi unko music album istunnadu, simple ga cheppali ante he is on a beast mode anamaata. So just saradaga mana lifelo jarigipoina-jarige routine, important & confused situations ki thaman songsni sink cheste ela untado chudam padandi…

1) Waiting for salary credit message

Thaman2) Waiting for my crush to see my story…Fb/Whatsapp/Insta

Thaman Songs3) For every 5 secs me watching youtube and ted-talks to get motivated

Thaman Songs4) Me following a strict vegan diet but whenever I see a Chicken Mukka

Thaman Songs5) Me taking sick leave and enjoying in a mall but my manager caught me red-handed, then my manager be like

Thaman Songs6) Me after drinking a beer and then talking about my ex

Thaman Songs7) My friend listening to my poems about my ex

Thaman Songs8) Me and my friends at Ganesh Chaturthi

Thaman Songs9) Interviewer: Tell me about yourself

Thaman Songs10) Moms lenappudu, Dad & his friends doing a party at home

Thaman Songs11) How many times “Better luck next time” Mr. Google pay…don’t you have mercy on us

Thaman Songs12) To the unfinished show, I left in between to get up on time for work…Binge-watching yaar…

Thaman Songs