‘Aadhar To Adultery’ : Some Sensational Verdicts By Supreme Court That Changed Our Lives in 2018

Supreme Court of India ee year pass chesina verdicts ee year maatrame kaadu eppatiki gurtundi potayi. Ayodhya Ram Janam Bhoomi issue nundi Aadhar link varaku mana country lo ala migilipoina pending cases mida straight forward ga history lo nilichipoye verdicts pass chesindi.

Ee two major issues tho patu ee year Supreme pass chesina landmark verdicts ento okasari chuseddam.

1. Triple Talaq Verdict (Bill passed in 2017 only)

Aadhar To Adultery

Talaq.. Talaq… Talaq… ila three times chepte muslim abbaylu evaraina vari wife tho cheparu anukondi anthe inka adi divorce tho samanam. Adi phone lo cal, message, Whatsapp edaina avanivandi even post lo rasi pampina sare divorce.

Ee darunam aina Islam tradition valla endaro muslim women divorced wife migilopyaru. Some years nundi ee issue mida react kani Supreme Court Triple Talaq is illegal antu pass chesina statement atu Muslim people lone kadu country lo andari ashcharya parichindi.

SC Verdict: In August 2017, the Supreme Court in a landmark verdict had held that the practice of triple talaq violates the fundamental rights of Muslim women as it irrevocably ends marriage without any chance of reconciliation.

2. Aadhar Verdict

Aadhar To Adultery

Aadhar Aadhar antu government tecchina ee kotha identification policy and linking system ni Supreme oppose chesindi. Aadhar is necessary but mandatory antu kunda baddalu kotte verdict pass chesi Aadhar link valla suffer avthuna citizens moham lo anandam nimpindi.

SC Verdict: Aadhaar requirement by CBSE, NEET, and UGC has been struck down, but Aadhaar-PAN linkage has been upheld.

Seeding Aadhaar with mobile phone numbers and bank accounts is not needed. Schools too, cannot insist on Aadhaar for admission of students.

3. Ayodhya verdict


UP lo unna Ayodhya piece of land Ram Janma bhoomi antu hinduvulu, kadu Babri Masjid land antu muslims some years nundi unna ee sensitive issue mida partial landmark verdict pass chesindi.

Muslims namaz cheskodaniki only masjid ea avasaram ledu ekkadaina cheskovachu antu cheppina Supreme, aa land ni Government of India undertake chesukovachu antu verdict ichindi. Ippudu akkada em cheyali anna government ke full rights.

SC Verdict: “The Supreme Court had said that unless the place of offering of prayers has a particular significance, the place shall not affect the right to worship. The statements made in Ismail Farooqi were in relation to the acquisition of that particular mosque. The constitution bench held that if a place is of significance, then demolition of that place will result in violation of fundamental rights. No exception can be taken to the constitution bench judgment. Observations need to be understood as observations in context of land acquisition and nothing more,” pronounced Justice Bhushan.

4. Section 377

Aadhar To Adultery

157 years nundi unna section 377 mida Supreme break chesthu Gay rights ni legal chesindi. Britishers time lo nundi continue avtunna ee section ni mida Supreme ilanti verdict istundi ani evaru expect cheyande ani chepochu.

Every human can live their lives without any objections and love is for all. Now Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgenders (LGBT) relations and sexual relationships will be treated and equal with ordinary human beings.

SC Verdict: Supreme Court reversed its own decision and said Sectuion 377 is irrational and arbitary. “LGBT Community has same rights as of any ordinary citizen. Respect for individual choice is the essence of liberty; LGBT community possesses equal rights under the constitution. Criminalising gay sex is irrational and indefensible,” said Chief Justice

5. Women Entry into Sabarimala Verdict

Aadhar To Adultery

Gender equality ni support chesthu Supreme Sabarimala temple loki women entry rule ni oppose chesthu verdict pass chesindi.

Womens ki vacche biological change menstrual cycle or periods ane reason cheppi hindu temples loki women entry ni evaru apaleru, apoddu antu women can enter Sabarimala like all male devotees antu icchina ee verdict valla kerala lo konchem violence jarigindi.

SC Verdict: In a 4:1 verdict, the Supreme Court had granted women, of all age groups, entry into Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, breaking the temple’s age-old tradition of restricting menstruating women from entering its premises.

6. Adultery Is Not A Crime – Section 497

Aadhar To Adultery

Another british rule and law is struck down by Supreme. Eppudo britishers time nundi unna Section 497 law mida kuda Supreme ‘Adultery is not a crime’ antu historical judgement pass chesindi.

Inthaki ee Section 497 gurinchi em chepparu ante, evaraina two individuals iddari istam tho sexual relationship or marital relationship lo undadam tappu kadu if they wanted to do so antu historical judgement icchindi Supreme. Anthe kadu husband is not at at all master of wife, antu ee section lo konni changes chesthu at the same time wife’s ki kuda husband mida equal rights unde la ee konni changes chesthu ee verdict pass chesindi.

SC Verdict: SC striking down the antiquated law in Sec 497 of Penal code, which treats women as property of husbands & criminalises adultery (only of man who sleeps with someone’s wife). Adultery can be ground for divorce but not criminal”.

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