‘Abuse Us, Criticise Us, But Watch Us Play Football’ And Here Is How Our Nation Replied


Inquilab Zindabad slogan tho Bhagat Singh Indian Freedom movement ni ela aithe lead chesado ippudu “Inquilab Indian Football” ane slogan tho Indian football revolution start cheyyalsina avasaram enthaina undi. Blue Pilgrims ee peru vinnara vinaka potey okasari Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook lo search cheyyandi. Blue pilgrims and the way they are supporting Indian football team is just incredible, not only blue pilgrims now entire nation is cheering for Indian Football Team. Revolution ane word use cheyadam chinna vishayam kadu but last one week nundi India lo inthaka mundu eppudu leni vidhanga Indians are going crazy and supporting football national team like never before.

Recent ga jargina IND vs NZ football match lo supporters were enchanting Sunil Chhetri’s name and India in a way that gave goosebumps to the Indians even after they’ve lost the match. So India its time to support football, last some decades nundi cricket ni ela aithe encourage chesamo ippudu football ni same alaney encourage cheyyali.

As Sunil Chhetri appealed “Abuse Us, Criticise Us, But Watch Us” here how Indian fans replied.

1. #Bluepilgrims – Indian Football Team DieHard Supporters.

2. Indian Football Team Viking Claps With Passionate Football Supporters.

3. Here Support For Bleed Blue But This Time Football Blue Jerseys in rain…

4. What an Incredible Support!

5. Trust me Idi cricket Match Kadu… Indiaa… Indiaaa… Indiaaaaa…

6. Sportive Spirit at it peaks.

7. Go Crazy!!!!

8. When stadium turns to TriColor

9. The Wavin’ Flag Movement… OneIndia.

10. Here’s the TON man Sunil Chhetri reason behind the revolution.