Actor Nassar Turned Acting Course Designer


As we all know about Nassar is one of the finest actors in the industry. He also worked as director, dubbing artist, playback singer. But he is also the incumbent president of the Nadigar Sangam. He worked in Indian Air Force. He worked in almost all south Indian languages and in Hindi. Now this multitalented person turned acting course designer for Mindscreen Film Institute, Chennai.1 - Nassar

With three decades and 500 plus movies experience, Nassar designed one year acting course. He is always passionate about teaching, when he gets free time, he use to conduct acting workshops for the young actors.2 - Teaching

The course will be offered by Rajiv Menon’s Mindscreen Film Institute. Mindscreen Film Institute is one of the leading institutes in India that offers various courses in Photography, Cinematography and acting. The institute is headed by well-known Director and Cinematographer Rajiv Menon.3 - Mind Screen

As per them, they want to make actors who will be ready for any role but not just for specific role and they should be in shoes of the character. They said the course in acting is relevant and focused, and not bookish. A lot of thought and research has gone into this course, where the participants will be trained mentally, creatively and physically equip themselves to do different kinds of roles. And also they told that they want to make actors explore the scope of given roles and contribute to the film by showing extra interest.4 - Training

For this course Nassar is leading the One year certificate course in acting along with other experienced faculty. The program is designed for individuals who desire to achieve a position in Film Television, but want to focus exclusively on acting, with a concentration on acting for film. Classes include various techniques in acting and other aspects of acting. In addition to the course work, students perform projects, both on-camera and on stage.