5 Times When Actors Underwent Drastic Transformations For Their Roles..!!

By Shubham Kumar
The rules of showbiz are sure and simple even for an actor who has attained his place of being “Larger than Life” stature or aspiring celeb-utantes who paved their way to fame. The actors must cross the line of perfection and live the character with such intensity that, what results is his fame and the love and admiration which he acquires from his fans.

In sought and passion for such acclaim, we the B-Town audience witness a film which when ends on the big screen leaves us awe-struck and full of belief and love, for how the actor has made the film a memorable journey of two hours.

So here further you would on-look a spectacle of movie stars and their movies for which they crossed the boundary of sanity, to web themselves around the character which they have to live-in in the film, in which they are performing. As going by the words of Bollywood’s King Khan Mr. SRK obsessiveness of a fan is a big responsibility for the actor keeping which into account he should accomplish his role of entertainment.

1. SRK In ‘Fan’

1Fan is an upcoming 2016 film in which SRK plays the role of his own fan that is also his doppelgänger in the film. The exquisite fact about this film, as it is portrayed by its’ teasers and interview appearances of its’ makers and actors is, the massive make-over which SRK has went-through to devote for his role of his 25 years old young fan Gaurav when he himself is 50 years old in real life. Despite being a 25 year age gap between the real and reel life character what came for the rescue of Shah Rukh at the need of the hour was the make-up technology of Prosthetic Make-Up Technique which led the wrinkles on the face of SRK to beam as if he is a 25 year old lad in real life. The transformation when witnessed is truly amazing and what further amplifies it is the dedication with which SRK plays his part. A highly awaited film directed by Manish Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, the film’s bound to release on 15th April, 2016.

2. Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Paa’

2Paa is a 2009 released blockbuster comedy-drama starring the legend of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan, his son Abhishek  Bachchan and Vidya Balan. The aspect of this film that despite being the real life father of Abhishek, Mr. Bachchan plays the role of his son in this film who suffers from a rare genetic condition of Progeria, which reduces the life span of the victim and makes him looks physically quite aged despite of his original age. The fancy fact behind this film was that the then 67 years old Amitabh would undergo hours of make up for shooting up for his twelve years old character of Auro, but he never gave up upon the character and what resulted was a sensation which is still fresh in our minds. The energy with which Mr. Bachchan has enacted his role stands true to the testament of him being the legend of Bollywood Cinema Industry.

3. Vikram in ‘I’

3The 2015 Tamil romantic thriller film starring Tamil Superstar Vikram and Amy Jackson was huge in-terms of visual effects and makeover contrast of Vikram along the story plot. The blockbuster movie depicts a body-builder turned supermodel Vikram who later is deformed by the evil protagonists of the film by trick and later the hero takes his revenge on the villains of the film by providing them the taste of their own medicine and rendering them disfigured themselves.

What is amazing is how; Vikram plays the three phases of his character in the film and that, with totally different variance of looks. The technique of Prosthetic Make-Up Technique which made Vikram capable to travel the path to perfection of his character in the movie, demanded hours of scheduling before the shooting used to start, and what made this film a world-wide sensation was a result of how devoted the actors were to do justice to the film.

4. Priyanka Chopra In ‘Barfi’

4The 2012 romantic-comedy drama Barfi, starring Ranbir Kapoor who plays the role of a deaf-mute character of Barfi, Priyanka Chopra as an autistic girl Jhilmil, and Ileana D’Cruz for the role of Shruti Ghosh. This romantic tale of really innocent, loving and charming people had won our hearts when it had hit the box-offices and still continues to inspire memories whenever the evergreen song of the film melts off a melody in one’s ears.

What makes the role of Priyanka Chopra daunting is the way she transformed herself in accordance with the character Jhilmil which is truly much more than what amazing ever was, as it is difficult to play the character of an autistic girl but what further intensifies the situation is the delivery of the character with a particular method which truly justifies the need of the story. So, hats’ off to you PC!

5. Rishi Kapoor in ‘Kapoor and Sons’

5The ace actor Rishi Kapoor having spend a generation in the Indian Film Industry continues to bewilder the audiences young and old alike, all accredited to his acting skills with which he leaves no stone unturned to satisfy the hunger of entertainment of his viewers. The veteran actor has underwent massive make-over which takes over five hours and worth 2 Crore Rupees, from the famous Hollywood Oscar winner Make-Up artist Greg Cannom, for his upcoming film Kapoor and Sons starring Alia Bhatt, Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra and himself. Playing the role of a 90 year old Grandparent the 63 years old Rishi has left no Endeavour unrecognised to provide justice to his character.


And that were just a few transformations, that have over the years validated the extent to which our actors go to, in order to perfectly portray their roles.

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