Aditya Jella’s 360° Music Video Is One Kick-Ass Ride!!


The latest 360 degree feature on YouTube has answered all your questions to ‘Have you ever wondered…?’ Be it watching a drag race from the most risky angle you ever wondered or the breathtaking heights which you might never thought of. This feature has made watching videos on YouTube definitely more interesting.

Aditya Jella has come up with the first of its kind video in Telugu with a Rap song, Raa Raa. And guess what? The visuals are the Hyderabad you and me roam around with our friends. He has not just employed a feature available on the internet to make a video, it is the way he chose to present it shows his skill as an artist. It’s a video of good substance apart from some mind blowing angles it has to offer. The video has a nice story all along carrying a great feel to it!

After being the first Telugu music video to feature on MTV with his previous Hand Ichindi, Aditya has impressed yet again with an even better dope stuff this time!! Kudos, bro!!

A small set of instructions : 

For the Google Chrome user, just tap and drag around to get your desired view. And for Android mobiles on YouTube App, just tilt it the way you want or tap and move the screen.

Here is the video :