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After Blue Whale Challenge, Sarahah Taking The Lives of Youth


Blue Whale Challenge and Sarahah, e renditi gurinchi pratyekamga manam introduce cheyalsina pani ledu. We all know that. Blue Whale Challenge oka dangerous game aitey, Sarahah anedi oka secret messaging app, where we can get anonymous feedback. E two names, e madya social media lo chala hulchal chestunayi. Blue Whale Challenge antey chala bayankaramaina game, it leads to suicides mari deniki Sarahah ki link enti ani anukuntara? Yeah, akkadike vasthunna.Recent ga Mangaluru lo oka ammai suicide attempt cheskoboyindi. And it is all because of Sarahah app. Yes, what you read is right. Sarahah app lo continous ga abusive messages ravadam tho, she wanted to give her life.

Tanu ide vishayanni Facebook lo share chesindi, danto a post ni Rachakonda police Facebook account ki forward chesaru. Ventane Rachakonda police commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat enter ayyi scene loki, a ammai ni trace chesi counseling icharu. E ammai post pettindi kabati police kapadagaligaru, but there are many who are facing a lot of depression because of the unexpected and abusive messages on this Sarahah app.

Under the cloak of anonymity, people using this Sarahah app to share the views, which they can’t say to them in person. But kani idi limits cross ayi, youth severe depression lo velipodaniki reason avtundi. Chinna chinna godavala valla, chala mandi youngsters valaki nachani vallani abuse cheyadaniki and revenge teskodaniki denni oka weapon la use chestaru. Daani result eh e suicide attempt.

We should set some limitations for social media usage and also ourselves while using apps like Sarahah.

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