Shocking! AIADMK supporters adding ‘Amma’ poster to relief material

Jayalalithaa Chennai

While Chennai is reeling from the worst floods it has experienced in the last 100 years, AIADMK supporters have left no stone unturned in milking the maximum mileage from the relief work.
The Chennai floods have seen contributions from all parts of the country. However, public anger surfaced yesterday when it was observed that political workers for the ruling AIADMK were pasting photos of ‘Amma’ – as Jayalalitha is called in the state – before sending them out to people.

This is not the first time that social welfare schemes are carrying the images of politicians. In UP, it is common for the ruling party to have its ruler’s face stamped over basic supplies. However, to resort to such unethical practices when there are hundreds of people dying, and thousands stranded, shows that our political parties will leave no stone unturned to gain cheap publicity.

What is even more shocking is that all the relief supplies were private donations from individuals who wanted to help out the people in Chennai.
The incident has angered citizens in Tamil Nadu, and portrays the party in a negative image.

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