8 Times Comedian Ali Tickled Our Bones In Female Roles


Ali is one of the renowned comedians of Telugu cinema and has proved himself enough by now. Among the bunch of comedians we have, I should say Ali is the one who mesmerizes us in different roles each time. This versatile comedian even goes to the extent of acting like a gay or stepping into a women’s attire to tickle our funny bones with so much of ease. There were several instances where Ali was applauded for his wonderful comic performances especially in gay or a woman tole.

Here we have them at one place, let’s have a look.

Jambalakidi Pamba

Jambalakidi pamba

Jai Bajarangbali

Jai Bajrang Bali

Allari Pellikoduku

Allari Pellikoduku


Nuvvu Vasthavani



Bumper Offer

Bumper offer

Tata Birla Madyalo Laila

tata birla madhyalo laila