Harabhara Project- All About India’s First Initiative With Aerial Seeding Seedcopter Drones To Save Ecosystem

Present unna technology tho prapancham entho mundhuki potundi. Kani environment, nature and natural resources lantivi mana manushula selfishness ki decrease avtunnayi. Development, urbanisation peru cheppi enno tress ni cutdown chestunnaru ippudu unna Governments and Public. Idi ilage continue aite manam pilchukodaniki oxygen kuda undadhu ani scientists and environmentalists chala cheptunnaru…….

Kani andari laage chusthu kurchokunda…nature ni mana earth ni mana next generations ni save cheyadaniki Marut Drones is using its technology to plant trees in thinly forested areas under Seedcopter brand.

With the aim of planting 1 Billion Trees By 2030 They kick started campaign On October 1st As Rana Daggubati Brand Ambassador For The Cause:

“Hara Bahara” campaign name tho Marut Drones vallu ekanga 1 billion trees by 2030 plant chestam ane plan tho work chestunnaru. Indulo starting with 50 lakh trees Telanganalo chestunnaru with the help of Government of Telangana. Drones are gamechangers in our society ane cheppali….drones ni proper ga use chesukunte mankind ki chala chala helpful avthayi. Aithe veetini moviemaking, delivery, security and emergency use kosam kakunda Green Revolution ki use cheddam anna idea ne ee Seedcopter campaign.


How it is done and who are involved in this cause:

3.Rana1 Billion Trees ante chala pedda figure…it takes so much time and manpower to plant. Marut Drones is involving large communities from rural areas in the state. Telangana lo unna 33 districts lo aerial survey chesina Marut vallu…ee campaign kosam rural areas lo unde ladies and school students tho seedballs chestunnaru.
Rural areas lo prepare chese seedballs ni drones use chesi aerial seeding chestunnaru. Villages lo unde ladies, housewives, teachers andaru ee cause kosam work chestunnaru..and Marut attaches some Government schools and andulo unde students tho ee seedballs ni prepare cheyinchi respective district lo aerial mapping chesina areas ki supply chestunnaru.

12,000 hectares of land in forests across all 33 districts in the State:

1.RanaOctober 1st roju Hyderabad lo unna KBR Park lo start aina ee huge campaign ni Rana Daggubati start chesaru. KBR Park lo aa just aa okka roje almost 1.5 Lakh seedballs ni drop chesaru using drones by Marut. Going further Telangana lo unna 12,000 hectares lands ni aerial mapping dwara survey chesaru. By the end of 2030….India Lo…. At Any Cost 1 Billion trees ni plant chesi oka Green Revolution ni testham ani cheptunnaru Marut Drones.

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