All that you have to know about India’s first bullet train


India’s first bullet train will be between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.Ee bullet train project ni eeroju India Prime minister Narendra Modi and Japan Prime minister Shinzo Abe start chesthunnaru. Ee project 5 years kanna thakkuva time lo poorthi avthundi ani chepthunnaru.Ee bullet train services ni mana 75th Independence day sandharbam ga 15th August 2022 na start cheyyali anedi mana Modi government uddesam.

Japan’s Shinkansen E5 series bullet trains ni ee project ki vaduthunnaru Ee project mottam poorthi kavadaniki approximate ga 1,11,000 crores avthundi.Ee project ki unna speciality ‘Make in India’.

Interesting facts:

Cheaper than Flights: Ane antundi mana government.Deeni ticket fare Rajadhani Express 2-Ac tier ticket cost untundi antunnaru.1 flight

Seating Capacity: Original ga Japan lo tirige ee Shinkansen E5 series train lo 10 coaches untayi and 750 mandi capacity.Kaani mana Indian government extra 6 coaches ni add chesthundi Antey mottam deeni capacity 1250.2 Seating Capacity

Frequency: Intially, 35 trains start chestharu.EE 35 lo 27 trains Japan nundi import chesthunnaru and migathavi India lo manufacture chestharu. 2053 naatiki ee number 105 ki peruguthundi. Ahmedabad and Mumbai madya ee train rojuki 70 sarlu tiruguthundi.3frequency

Train features: Two extra-spacious toilets for wheelchair-bound passengers, multi- purpose room for breast feeding and sick passengers, wall-mounted type urinals, baby toilet seats and western style toilets.4toilets

Under-Sea Tunnel: Ahmedabad-Mumbai madyalo 21-km tunnel lo and inka oka 7 kms under sea lo untundi journey.5Mumbai-Ahmedabad-bullet-train-under-water-in-Thane

Speed: Ee train 320 KMPH nundi maximum 350 KMPH varaku tiruguthundi.9 safety

Finance: EE train ki ayye mottam 1,11,000 crores lo 88,000 Japan nundi loan rupam lo teeskunnaru with 0.1 of interest.Ee loan ni 50 years of time span lo teerchochu beginning after 15 years lo disbursement. Loan interest ranges from Rs 7 to 8 crore per month.6 budget

Make in India: Trains ki kavalsina almost anni parts ni Make in India program kinda Ikkade manufacture chestharu.7 make in inida

Employment: Ee project nundi vache benefits lo biggest benefit..India lo unna engineers ki labours ki employment. Ee project lo Mottam 20000 mandiki udyogalu ravachu.Ee project ki special ga employees andarni train chestharu.So, future lo perige ee trains number ki full use untaru and migatha countries ki parts India nundi kuda export cheseyochu.8employment

Safety: Ee train asalu delay undadu anta and unna it adi kevalam oka nimisham! Ee train ki unna inko speciality entante idi emanna disastr antey Earth quake lantivi emanna unna predict chesthundi Deeni valla ekkuva nastham jaragakunda munde safety measures teeskovachu.9 safety

Let’s hope this project will be a great Success and add an extra feather to India’s development and Success!