All you need to Know about the Air-Conditioned Helmets designed by Hyderabadi Entrepreneurs


Usually, manam helmets petukovalante chala irritate ga feel avtam and that too work chesetapudu especially. But epudanna okasaranna anukunara air-conditioned helmets gurinchi? Yes, it is true. A Hyderabad-based Jarsh Innovations ane oka company, ‘Jarsh Kepi 2.0’ ane name tho first world’s air-conditioned helmet ni launch chesaru. It is built completely on proprietary cooling technology. Idi chala lightweight untadi and provide both cooling and heating capabilities and interesting thing enti antey, it runs on a rechargeable battery.helmets

It was founded by Hyderabad-based youth Kausthub Kaundinya, Sreekanth Kommula and Anand Kumar in the year 2016 in Hyderabad. Idi industrial safety kosam e air-conditioned industrial helmets ni create cheyalani e company ni start chesaru.helmets

The trio started the company while still in college. Apude industrial workers ki oka better environment ivvalane aim tho idi create chesaru. Kausthub ISB, Hyderabad nundi graduate ayyadu and Sreekanth and Anand are Mechanical Engineers. Vellu college time nunde friends and konni innovative projects meda epudu work chestune untaru, avi real world lo ela help avtayi ani. Kaushthub okkasari industrial tour ki vellinappudu, production managers suffer avdam Summer lo chusadu. Apudu he realised and did a lot of research about cooler headgear. ala vellaku e type of helmet create cheyalanna idea vachindi.helmets

Ventane e team K.T. Rama Rao, the I.T. minister of Telangana ni kalisaru and then they started doing it. This helmet comes in two specifications, one is Kepi 2.0 E, which is a Premium model for senior level officials (2 hours battery life, rechargeable battery, unbreakable visor) and inkoti Kepi 2.0 S, which is meant for Heavy Duty model for skilled workers and technicians (8 hours battery life, rechargeable battery, body mounted battery, unbreakable visor).helmets

E company 2016 lo launch chesaru and Indian Navy nundi Indian Railways daka andaru e helmets medha interest chupistunaru. And next valla aim April 2019 lopu commercial version of the biker helmet create cheyyalani anukuntunaru. E company every month 4,000 helmets ni manufacture chestundi and priced at Rs 7,500.helmets

Isn’t it interesting right?