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All You Need To Know About Ramanujacharya’s Statue Of Equality Which Is All Set To Be Unveiled In Hyd


Statue Of Unity – World & Indian lone ippati varaku the tallest statue idi. Ippudu Statue Of Unity taruvatha Statue of Equality World’s Second Largest Statue (In Sitting Position) kuda ready aipoindi adi kuda mana Hyderabad lo. Yes, Statue Of Equality – The Ramanujacharya Statue is all set to unveil. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Chief Guest ga ee Statue ni inaugurate avvabotundi.

Before the Statue of Equality is going to be unveiled….we are going to tell you some facts behind this project & story behind the statue’s installation.

1. Ramanujacharya Or Ramanuja was an 11th century philosopher and vaishnavite who liberated millions and preached that every human is equal regardless of nationality, gender, caste and race.

2. Ramanuja led a Bhakti movement & opened the doors of temples to all people without any caste discriminaiton and let dalits, tribals & others enter Hindu temples. To recall his social reforms, stand of equality and ideologies to the modern world Chinna Jeeyar Swamy started this project of ‘Statue of Equality’.

3. Chinna Jeeyar initially planned this project in Tamil Nadu but he couldn’t find the proper place, permissions from Govt. Then he chose Hyderabad for the statue construction.

4. He approached many Hindu Leaders, Politicians & Businessmen for suitable place and donations. Finally, My Home Hub Rameswar Rao came forward and donated 40 acres of his own land in Muchintal, Shamshabad.

5. Chinna Jeeyar started collecting funds through donations across the country and received a whopping Rs 1000 crores as donations and started the project.

6. The statue was built by Aerosun Corporation in China before being shipped to India. 216 Foot Statue is made up of Pancha Lohas (Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc & Brass) installed on a 3-storied base building.

7. The 6,000 square metre ground floor will depict Ramanuja’s life & philosophy. The 2nd floor with the 120 kg statue of Ramanuja represents the years he lived. The 1,365 square metre 3rd floor will include a Vedic digital library & research center.

8. The statue’s entry consists of 108 steps & 27 Ft Padma peetham, with 36 elephants, 108 lotus-leaf structures. Tridandam, a sacred flagstick Ramanuja carried is 153 feet tall and nose is 6 feet.

9. The Statue is surrounded by 108 Divya Deshams replica of 108 temples In India. The entire project is designed by D.N.V.Prasad Sthapathy & Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

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