All You Need to Know About the Bitcoin


1 All You Need to Know About the BitcoinWhat is Bitcoin?
Bitcoins are know as Cryptocurrency which are decentralised digital Currency, ante epudu India ki Rupee America ki Dollar ela aythe separate currency unnayo same alane world mottaniki unique ga e Bitcoin Currency valid avtundi and e Bitcoin ne BTC ani antaru.

Where can we get these Bitcoins
Bitcoins mana Currency laga Notes or Coins la ekkada dorakav, avi purely digital Currency mana digital Bitcoin wallets lo untai.

Where can we use these Bitcoins
India lo inka antha popular avvaledu ante chala mandi digitally Bitcoins maintain chestunnaru india lo kuda kaani ekkada accept cheyyatledu because chala mandiki aslu veeti value and usability telidu kabatti but America and other Countries lo every Ecommerce sites like Amazon Ebay and Shoping malls lo accepted Bitcoins ani untundi, they are very popular in states.

What is the Value of Bitcoin in Indian Rupee
Here we go manam epudu kavalante apudu google lo just “BTC into INR” ani type cheste chalu aa roju bitcoin ki unna value Indian Rupees lo convert chesi chupistundi.2 All You Need to Know About the Bitcoin

Abbo 1 Bitcoin Value 2.4 Lakhs Rupess approximately, enta price unte mamulu manam ela konukogalam, adi the cost of 1 Bitcoin andi, meru mee istam vachinta petti konukovachu incase mee daggara unna oka 10000 or 1000 rupees kuda Bitcoins ki change cheskovachu just purchase a Bitcoin from vendors with 10000 rupees danikunna value tho 0.002 BTC add chestaru ne account lo.

What is the use of Bitcoin
Bitcoins valla chala uses unnai and e Bitcoins ne janalu rakakaluga vadtuntaru ante e Bitcoin Transaction chala easy just oka email send chesinanta easy ga receiver ki send cheyyochu
1)Less Transaction fees when compared to normal Bank transactions.
2)Don't need any Bank Approvals in between the Transactions.
3)Less Taxes for these Bitcoin transactions via Pan India.
4)Chala Secured and fast.
5)When ever you need Bitcoins as money you can just transfer those amount to your Bank
account easily.

Why do we need to use Bitcoins
Good Question, Bitcoins 2009 lo Start ayyay appudu Bitcoin value 3000 Rupees same ade Bitcoin epudu 2.4 Lakhs Rupees value chestindi, epatike meeku oka idea vachinundali, Gold kanna fast ga perugutundi Bitcoin value.3 All You Need to Know About the Bitcoin

Same meru Gold ela aythe koni intlo pettukuntaro konni years tarwata daani value perugutundi same as Shares ee Bitcoins kuda meru eppudu konukunte next 10 days or 30 days or 3 months or 6 months or a year lo e Bitcoin Value perugutu untundi.

Suppose meru oka Bitcoin Konukunnar anuko next month daani value 20% increase aythe meeru aah Butcoin ne Digital ga Ammesekovachu or mere mee account ki transfer pettukovachu, chusara manaki teliyani another way to earn money.

Who will produce this Bitcoins
Miners, ee Bitcoins ki kuda Mining companies untai vallu Blocks Blocks ga e Bitcoins ne release chestaru one block lo 50 Bitcoins untai and world lo eppatiki 210000 Blocks unnai and 210000*50 Bitcoins Live lo unnai.

Evi mining Agencies ekkada untai?
Evi every Country lo untai and they are managed under Government and every Transaction track avtune untundi.

“BlockChain” is the company which design and produces this Bitcoins, India lo Bangalore lo okka Bitcoin Agency undi ante.

Bitcoins are Safe and Secure
Chala Safe and Secure, india lo unna konni Bitcoin services matrame use cheyyali, chala frauds fake Bitcoins Digital wallets creae chestuntaru so valla daggara Bitcoins konukonni mosa povaddu.

Indian Bitcoin Wallets4 All You Need to Know About the BitcoinUnocoin, Coinsecure and Zebpay are indian official Bitcoin vendors Meru akkada chuste “BlockChain” App undi adi Worlds official Bitcoin company wallet meru aah wallet ayna use cheskovachu.

Zebpay is Android and iOS application there is no website for this Zebpay and Unocoin ne meru Desktop or Mobile nunchi Access cheskovachu ante App and Website are available and Coinsecure kuda same App and Website unnai.5 All You Need to Know About the Bitcoin

Veetilo account create cheskoni mee proof of identity ne KYC cheskunte inka mee istam Bitcoins Buying and Selling and Bank Transfer elanti Transaction kavalante ala cheskovachu.

After Valid Verification only you can get access for transfers and e verification ki me Pancard and Aadhar card unte chalu.

How are these bitcoin transfers difference from bank transfers
E Bitcoins lo meru 1000 to max entaina transfer cheskovachu so elanti approvals avsaram ledu, epudu kavalante apudu cheskovachu and mathematically Transaction algorithms easy avtai e Bitcoin transactions valla and leas Transaction charges will apply

India to Introduce its own Bitcoins
Mana Indian government kuda kuda last 1 week nunchi Bharat owned Bitcoins me lauch cheyyalani alochistundi because e Bitcoins mana Central banks tho Transactions konchem kastam ga undi and mana indian Currency ne kuda konchem secure chestu transfers easy ayyela owned bitcoins develop cheyyalani RBI executive chairman Sudarshan Sen oka Committee ne create chesi aslu ee Bitcoins ela run actunnai ani research chestunnaru and a set of people already on development.6 All You Need to Know About the Bitcoin

Nijaniki cheppalante almost 90% India’s Own Bitcoins vachestunnate endukante already mana Bitcoin ki oka name kuda Set chesaru “Lakshmi” ani pettaru, so wait for our own Bitcoins or else you can use Worlds owned Bitcoins also they are also Valid in India

Ippudu meeku oka idea vacchi untadi ani anukuntunna asalu Bitcoin ante enti and daani uses and profit.

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