All you need to know about the self-reliant village, vengalarajukuppam


Mana state lo chala mandi last couple of years nundi enno venukabadina villages ni adopt chesukuni develop chestunaru. But oka village matram development ki evaru adopt chesukonavasaram ledu ani cheppi, vala village ni oka smart village laga valle marchesukunaru. Intaki a village entidi anukuntunara? Chittor district loni Vengalarajukuppam ane place.

Just oka six months time span lo they revived a pond and also completed the beautification works around the pond area. Denitho paatu they also installed RO plant and idi twaralone ready avabotundi.self reliant village

Vella village lo unna oka active water body, edithey repair condition lo undo danni koncham deep ga villagers eh tavvi and water store cheyadam start chesaru. It has the capacity to store 7 to 8 lakhs liters of rainwater.self reliant village

The village has taken the responsibility to develop it into itself. Valla village lo oka common place ledu ani for entertainment and meetings, they have allocated one open area for multiple purposes.self reliant village

They have built one bus stand with RCC structure on the main road. They also provided modern amenities to increase the comfort of our people. They have provided a hall with common kitchen, a place to stay for visitors, drivers etc with the toilet as well as bathroom facilities.self reliant village

Walking tracks create chesaru, trees plant chesaru and pond area motanni oka beautiful scenic view laga marchesaru. They are also planning to install ATM machines soon.self reliant village

Kudos to the villagers! E village ni inspiration ga tesukuni, ilantivi enno mana state lo unte baguntadi kada.