All you need to know about think peace NGO and it’s founder Kiran chukkapalli


Usually, manam social media dwaragani, newspapers dwaragani chala Non-Profit Organisations gurinchi telusukuntu untam. But this NGO ‘Think Peace’ is different from all. It was all started once he went to a tribal village near Araku valley, which has a good scenic view, but there is lack of a smile on the faces of villagers. He interacted with the villagers and clearly understands the situation of the place. “That day completely changed my life,” he shares.think peaceThen he founded an NGO ‘Think Peace’ and first lo oka 42 huts ki solar lamps distribute cheyadam start chesadu in 2010. Without any support, he himself mapped the villages in Google maps and started his journey. “It took more than three years for me to get acceptance from the villages. I stayed all the night under a tree without food and survived scorching heat, but I wanted the villages to accept my initiatives not for me, but for themselves.”think peaceTill now, they have distributed more than 15,000 lamps in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. He sold his business and completely into the social service from the past five years. He also set up schools for the children over there and providing education along with mid-day meals.think peaceMana Tollywood actors kuda, they have come forward to support this NGO and their activities. Actor Sai Dharam Tej is the Goodwill brand ambassador for it and to raise funds for ‘Aksharalaya Schools,’ that provide the education and nutrition of the children, the team is going to conduct Tata Mumbai Marathon and actress Kajal Aggarwal is going to participate in it.think peaceIvi matrame kakunda, they even hold eye camps in Araku Valley with the assistance of LV Prasad Eye Institute in Visakhapatnam. Evarikanna emanna eye surgeries cheyalsostey, they are doing it for free of cost. And village lo oka playground kuda set up chesaru for the children and youth. The multisport playground is well equipped to play a variety of sports including volleyball, cricket, football, basketball, badminton, and throw ball. Children healthy ga undadaniki kavalsina anni arrangements chesaru and they have changed the villages completely. The playground has been leveled under the NREGS Scheme and equipped with the support of our donors.5 - school