The Video Has Amazingly Captured The Month Long Celebrations Of Ramzan In Hyderabad


From the time the month of Ramzan month has started, there is this feeling that the festival half of the year has started. The city has been lit up and the spirit has been high over the city to arrive on this day of Ramzan. From the morning prayers, fasting to the iftar parties and trying out Haleem all across the city at different places, the month has actually given us equally good memories with the people around us.

If you are feeling sad that such an amazing month is has passed so quickly, you have one good chance to recollect them all through this amazing video by Utsava Studios. They have captured the some simple yet some of the best moments during this holy month. Naming it as ‘Allah Ke Banday’, the video is a simply delightful to watch. Here it is!!