A Look Back To The Amazing Journey Of ‘Allari’ Naresh, A Valuable Asset To TFI


By Haripriya Gurujala

Allari Naresh – perulo matrame ‘allari’ but reality ki matram chala simple and reserved person. Industry ki E.V.V. Satyanarayana gaari abbai la entry ichina kuda tanaki antu oka pratyekamaina chotu ni sampadinchukunadu. Rajendra prasad tarvata out and out comedy hero ga Tollywood lo tana sthanam susthiram chesukunadu. Allari Naresh ante kevalam comedy pathrale kaadu experimental roles kuda chalane chesadu. Tana filmography lo ki oka chinna look eddama mari.

Before entering movies, Allari Naresh used to work in his home production banner EVV cinema.


His debut movie ‘Allari’ got him so much fame that later, ‘Allari’ became a part of his name. 


With the ‘Nenu’, as a psychopath, Naresh proved at the very beginning of his career that he can excel not just in comedy roles but in serious roles as well. 
In the year 2008 he had 8 releases and in the year 2011, he had 7 releases. A rare phenomenon in these times where a hero struggles to get even two movies in a year.
He is known as a ‘minimum guarantee’ hero. Apart from the money a producer is guaranteed even the audience have returned home with great satisfaction. 

When compared to his counterparts, Allari Naresh has starred in the most multi starrers than anyone. Gamyam, Maa Alludu Very Good, Danger, Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu etc are a few examples.


If you think, he is a hero only in the comedy genre, you’re wrong. He even played a villain in the movie Vishaka Express.


Yet again he proved his versatility with the movie Pelli ayindhi kaani as an innocent mentally challenged person. 


He won his first Filmfare Award for the movie Gamyam in which he played the role of Gaali Seenu. 

In the present generation of actors, he is the only actor to have worked with the yesteryear’s star directors. Bapu(Sundarakanda), K Vishwanath (Shubhapradam), Vamshi (Saradaga Kasepu)


In a short span of 14 years he is the only actor of these times to complete over 50 films
We wish this amazing actor all luck and prosperity for the laughs he has generated and kept us healthy. Happy Birthday, ‘Allari’ Naresh!!

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