Our Heroes Are Always Awesome – Even When They Are Playing Negative Roles..!!


By Charan Tupurani

We have always been in awe of these actors, when they portray their larger than life characters in blockbusters, but there have been instances through their careers where, these versatile actors have proved their mettle in negative roles as well. It is widely accepted that Negative roles, or characters with grey shades, give that freedom to an actor to actually explore their talent, and creative bliss. Here are some roles which have redefined these actors, and their careers for the best…

Sarwanand In This Grey Shaded Role Impressed Everyone..!!


In Jagadam Ram As One Prophesying Violence Is Epic…


It Can’t Get Cooler Than Ajith Playing A Gambler..


The Twisted Politician Of This Movie – Srikanth At His Best…


The Corrupt Cop, The Upright Person and The Temperamental Hero For Ages..


Mahesh In Gangsta Blues Avatar Is Total Epic..

Mahesh babu

The Most Prolific Portrayal Of Negative Role – Mohan Babu

Mohan Babu

With his portrayal of as a ‘straight from the heart’ lover – Aarya 2

Arya 2


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