8 Amazing Benefits Of Beer That Will Make Every Drinker Go High & Say Cheers

Madhyapanam Arogyaniki Hanikaram !

Prati cinema ki mundhu pade ee statutory warning chusi alcohol lovers maina ga mana beer lovers antha abba idi avasarama ippudu anukuntaru. Ila feel aiyye mana alcohol and beer lovers andari kosam manchi kick icche article idi.

Yes… my dear beer lovers ee article meekosame, inthaki article….entante beer tagadam valla konni health benefits. Enti beer tagadam valla health benefits aaaa…. vinadaniki chala tempting ga undi kada. Beer valla konni health benefits unnayi science cheptundi.

Ee benefits ento chusaka ventane velli chilled beer open chesestaru.

1. Good for your heart !

Benefits Of Beer

Like wine elago beer kuda heart ki kuda manchidi. Several studies valla telisindi entante beer tagadam valla risk of heart diseases like coronary heart disease chances takkuva anta. Because beer has a thinning effect on blood and reduces the chances of forming a clot. Ila jargadam valla coronary heart lo blood blockage or clot avvadam agipotundi.

2. Strengthen your bones.

Benefits Of Beer

Adi enti beer lo calcium untunda ? definately no. Kani beer lo dietary silicone untadhi which helps in bone strengthening and development. People who drink beer have less chances of Osteoporosis (bone disease) proved by many studies.

3. B,C and E Vitamins in beer helps us for hair growth and skincare.

Benefits Of Beer
Hair growth and skin care ki kavalsina B,C and E Vitamins anni beer lo untayi. So beer tage vallaki hair growth and skin protection gurinchi tension avasaram ledu anamata.

4. Water content in beer reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Benefits Of Beer

Beer is made up of 90% of water. So that regular tage variki kidneys lo chance vacche chances chala takkuva anta compared to others.

5. Diuretic properties of beer.

Benefits Of Beer

Mana beer taguthunna time lo continue ga urine vastundi. Ila ravadam manchidhe anta because continue urination often flushes out toxins from our body.

6. Good for insomniac people and promotes good sleep.

Benefits Of Beer

Now a days most of the people is suffering with insomnia (sleepless nights). Regular ga beer tagithe ee problem nundi bayata pade chances untayi anta. Because beer lo unde Lactoflavin and Nicotinic acid sleep radanki help chestayi.

7. Increases vitamin B levels.

Benefits Of Beer

Vitamin B levels takkuva undevallaki doctors B-Vitamin tablets and a source unna food prefer chestuntaru. Adhe beer tage vallaki ee problem undadu, because beer lo B-Vitamin pushkalanga untayi.

8. Say yes to Beer. No to Diabetes.

Benefits Of Beer

Diabetes ee madhya max andaru suffer avthunna disease idi. Recent ga Harvard university vallu type-2 diabetes people ki beer prefer cheyadam valla konchem cure aindi anta.

Ee health benefits chusi oo case case lu tagoddu babulu…edaina mithanga tisukunte ne manchidi, amithanga tisukunte adi visham.

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