Amazing Benefits Of Chawanaprash To Boost The Immunity!

Ayurveda plays a huge role in our history. Its significance is seen even today and its popularity is just not restricted to our country. Its benefits and importance are known all across the globe. Several doctors also recommend Ayurveda for treatment.

But, Ayurveda just does not talk about medicines, it encourages people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. It talks of simple home remedies to get rid of the viruses or bacteria. It talks about certain lifestyle habits that need to be changed. One of the biggest recommendations which come from the Ayurveda is Chawanprash.

So, what is Chawanprash and why is it important?

1 ChawanprashChawanprash is an ancient food item which is thick and has jam-like texture. It has a sour-sweet flavour to it. It is said that it was first made for a sage named Chawan to turn him young in his old-age and Prash means specially prepared food in Sanskrit. Hence the name Chawanprash. It is basically made with herbs, ghee, honey, sesame oil and amla which are carriers of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All these ingredients make Chawanprash a very strong food that promotes immunity system. Here are the benefits of eating Chawanprash.

1.Chawanprash boosts the immune system

2 ChawanprashThe main work or benefit of eating Chawanprash is that it boosts the immunity of your body. Our body needs support and energy to produce haemoglobin and white blood cells and the energy required is provided by Chawanprash. It nourishes, protects, and builds the body’s immune system. It also helps the body to restore its defence system against bacteria or viruses. While it nourishes the body, it also provides you with nourishment and resistance.

2.Chawanprash protects the respiratory system

3 ChawanprashAlong with providing the body with strength and immunity, Chawanprash also takes care of your lungs. It helps to maintain the respiratory system clean and clear. Often, in the winters, it is used as a tonic to help people with breathing problems or people suffering from cold and cough. It keeps the passages clear and helps in the smooth flow of air and oxygen to the lungs.

3.Chawanprash provides aid to digestive system

4 ChawanprashChawanprash is extremely important for the respiratory system. Ayurveda suggests that to have proper digestion, it is necessary to eat 6 types of flavours every day and Chawanprash has 5 of them excluding salt. It helps in removal of toxins and wastes effectively and regularly from the body.

How to use Chawanprash?

As it is extremely nutritious and offers a plethora of health benefits to everyone, one tea-spoon of Chawanprash can be eaten twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It is extremely good for old people and kids. With corona cases growing rapidly in the country, it is always safer to eat healthy and immunity-boosting foods.

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