What Are Nethallu (Anchovies)? And It’s Benefits

Anchovies are common saltwater fish, which are native to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea; anchovies are also an extremely popular local dish. Large fishes contain high amounts of mercury, which can be bad for you, smaller fishes like Anchovies contain less mercury as they cannot retain it. Apart from this, Anchovies are loaded with nutrients and offer several health benefits. In this article, we will be looking at the health benefits of Anchovies.

Bone Health

Health Benefits Of NethalluAnchovies are a rich source of many nutrients like calcium, magnesium phosphorus, and Vitamin A, these nutrients promote bone health, and eating anchovies regularly help in positive bone growth, and help in preventing diseases and other bone conditions, these tiny fishes also help in fighting bone degradation.

Good for the skin

Health Benefits Of NethalluAnchovies are good for your skin as it was found in a recent study that regular consumption of anchovies can give you a smooth complexion, it can also help prevent wrinkles and protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, Studies also found that anchovies can also help lower the risk of skin cancer.


Aids in weight loss

Health Benefits Of NethalluAnchovies are super low in calories and are a good source of protein, protein is great for your body, as it helps you feel full throughout the day, this is because increased levels of protein in fishes help you feel satisfied and full, this lowers your calorie intake throughout the day, thus helping in weight loss.

Good for the eyes

Health Benefits Of NethalluAnchovies are rich in vitamin-A, a vitamin that is known to promote eye health. Research has found that anchovies can help in lowering the risk of many eye-related diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, as well as cataracts.

Tissue and Cell Repair

Health Benefits Of NethalluAnchovies are full of protein, and protein-rich foods have been long linked to increases in cell metabolism, they can also help in tissue repair and regrowth. Anchovies provide several health benefits like maintaining blood sugar levels and building muscles and tissues. They also increase the body’s ability to heal itself faster.


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