Anchor Shammi’s Social Experiment “Girl On The Road At Night”

Apart from being a great son, brother or boy friend, have you anytime checked what kind of a citizen are you? You might give inspiring speeches and talk tonnes about social responsibility to others, but when it comes to you, have you seen what’s your perspective about the world? The ‘YOU’ I mention here is every citizen who ‘thinks’ he cares for the society around him.

If you aren’t getting my point, let’s take this instance for example and answer me this question.

‘What would you do if you saw a good looking girl standing at midnight alone on the streets?’

Well, you guys might have varied answers. Just keep them on hold for a while and check out this video in which the very famous anchor Shammi from maa music dared to do this experiment on the roads. And the results were a mix of everything. Watch it for yourself and if you have any valuable comments to share with this daring girl, please mention them in the comments section below.

Now match your answers with this video and check how the world is around you.

Watch our Mahatalli originals here.

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