How Anil & Bhanu Re-Defined The Importance Of First Look In Telugu Cinema




It is an old saying ‘a picture speaks 1000 words’. When it comes to cinema, a picture should speak atleast the substance of the cinema. From the time where we had plain images of the Hero with the title to the times where we now have thematic movie posters, we’ve definitely come a long way. Your very first excitement for a movie is highly dependent on the first look of that particular movie. If the poster is great, your expectations kick start right from that moment. If the poster didn’t connect, you very well know what happens. The first look poster definitely brings in a lot mileage to a movie. It can make or break the movie.

If you take a closer look at most of the films that have come out in the recent times, it is clear that the first look of the posters have impacted the audience and they did go viral on the social media too. Before we delve further into the history behind these posters, let’s do this exercise. Let’s take a look at few posters for example and then get to know the amazing magicians behind these posters.

Let their work speak first!!





Irrespective of the movie’s performance, I am sure you all were amazed when the first look of these movies came out. And the duo behind these and many more amazing posters that every Telugu cinema audience gets to see are Anil & Bhanu (AB Core Designers)

Who are they and how did they start?

A very normal people like you and I, Anil and Bhanu entered the industry over a decade ago aspiring to be a director and an actor respectively. Things didn’t turn to be easy for them; tough times crept on their back for close to 3 years they finally got their first break through Khadgam.


Though it was still not a relief, things started to get better and soon they picked up projects with substance, proving their worth with their creativity and then there was no looking back.

As the world got smarter, their creativity also evolved and today they stand proudly in front of us giving us their splendid piece of work. If today you are witnessing some of the best first look posters of your favourite stars, it is mostly because of them.

They just don’t design!

One might think what is so great in applying colours and getting a good font to make for a good poster. Well, that is not the case when you carry a film’s content on your head trying to give the audience a feel of the movie worth crores through just ONE poster. The director sits with them and gives them a full narration in most of the cases, they then brainstorm on what theme to give the movie, spend hours and hours on designing a few posters and present to them. One of them which impresses is picked and that is what is shown to us as the ‘first look’. So, you see it’s not all that easy as we think.

Here treat yourself with a few more of their versatile posters and go back in times to look for yourself the importance of a ‘first look poster’ impacted us. And next time you notice some impressive poster don’t forget to compliment the designers too. It’s our words that keep them going!!





All Image source : AB Core Desingers