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Anirudh Ravichandran’s Music Makes A Bang Where Ever He Steps In


Agnathavasi cinema audio release avvagane mana playlist ni marchesi thana songs ni loop lo ki teppinchesaadu Anirudh Ravichander.

Anirudh Ravichandran’s

Some unknown facts about this guy

At the age of 21, Tamil industry lo debut ichadu. “Why This Kolaveri Di” song, 3 ane movie kosam 2011 lo compose chesadu. Aa song across the globe viral aypoyindi. It has earned more than 165 million views on YouTube.

Agnyathavaasi movie tho music director ga Telugu lo debut ichi aa songs tho manalni crazy chesesadu.

Kaani anthaku munde thana music manam vinnam. I mean, Raghu varan btech, 3 , Remo telugu lo dub ayyina tamil movies. Aa movies ki music ichindi Anirudh. Avi dubbed movies a ayna music chala fresh ga baguntundi.

7 South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA) and a Filmfare Awards South geluchukunnadu Anirudh. In 7 years of his music career he earned 36 awards altogether. May be awesomeness ante idenemo.

He is a Music Director and Singer as well.Tamil, telugu, Malayalam anni kalipi thanu paadina songs pedda list a undi. Agnathavaasi lo ‘gaali valuga’, Recent ga Nota Film lo ‘raja rajakula’& U-turn movie promotional song ‘karma theme song’ padaadu.

He is a brother-in-law of Hero Dhanush. Dhanush wife Aishwarya (Rajinikanth’s daughter) so is a relative of Rajinikanth

Melody ayna mass ayna iragottesthadu. This youngest music director is making people crazy over his songs. Youtube lo millions of views must ga kanpisthuntay.

He won the Chennai Times Most Desirable Man 2017 poll and became the first musician to win this poll.

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