Some Of The Popular Telugu Movie Titles Which Are Exactly Apt For It

So much time, efforts and creativity are put together in building a movie. As much care is taken in deciding the title of the movie, coz the movie will be known by its title. It should be catchy and apt to the movie plot. Sometimes the title of the movie is the name of the lead role around which main plot revolves. Here are some popular Telugu movies for which the names as movies titles are apt.

1.Baahubalimovie titlesThough this movie has many powerful characters and a heavy plot, the star of the show is Baahubali! Here in this movie, Baahubali is a suffix to both Mahendra and Amarendra Prabhas. Both the roles have major significance in each of the parts.

2.Arjun Reddymovie titlesThis movie has taken Telugu audience by storm. The main highlight of the movie is character and attitude of Arjun Reddy. He is someone with everything in extremes, be it anger, love, talent or arrogance. The addition of Reddy at the end added more weight to the title and represented the character as a whole with the surname.

3.Bharath Ane Nenumovie titlesThis is the latest movie of Mahesh Babu. He plays the role of a CM in this movie. Hence the title is very apt as they are the first words spoken while taking an oath for CM chair.

4.Kumari 21Fmovie titlesThis is a very bold movie and depicted the major misconceptions about the deciding the character of a women depending on her clothing and outgoing attitude. Tagging the age and gender to the name made it unique and intriguing. Hebba Patel pulled off the role really well.

5.Chandramukhimovie titlesJyothika stole the show with her performance in this movie. Though this movie has an elite star cast, the title of the movie is not the name of any of them. It’s the name of the person who possessed Jyothika. The title is apt the as interesting elements of the movie start and end with her.

6. Shankar Dada MBBSmovie titlesDada turned a doctor is about what the plot revolves. So the addition of the degree at the end tell the plot in short. The star attraction of this movie is Chiru.

7.Rajinikanth Moviesmovie titlesBasha, Arunachalam, Narasimha, Lingaa, Shivaji etc. There are many Rajinikanth movies which have his name in the movie as a title. Rajinikanth has a more image than the movie itself! Hence most of this movies carry his name as titles.

8. Micheal Madana KamaRaju, Jai Lava Kusa, Shiva Rama Rajumovie titlesIf the lead artist plays multiple roles in the same movie then majorly the title is just their names. As all the roles have equal contribution in the movie.

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