AP Tourism Launches Bi-Terrain bus service!


Remember the Car in ‘James Bond’ movies? Which runs on roads and in water? Or the ‘TaleSpin’ cartoon where the Bear drives a flight cum ship? Imagine the fun of a ride in an amphibious bus, a vehicle that becomes a means of transport on land as well as on water. Such type bi-terrain bus has been put into use in our own Telugu city Vijayawada! Yes, a bus which runs as a motor boat when into water has been launched in Vijayawada for tourist attraction. This is a first time an amphibious vehicle has been ever launched in Telugu States.AP Tourism, Bi-Terrain bus,

This idea was first put forth to being during the ‘Godavari Pushkaralu’ as a unique transport mode which did not materialize. At last it was launched this week in Krishna River as a joy-ride. “In the coming days, it’ll take people from the Punnami ghat to Pavithra Sanghamam via several popular stopovers en route. The plan is to provide tourists a new view to the exotic locales in and around Vijayawada in the vehicle which moves smoothly from wide open spaces to an aquatic wonder land,” said Himanshu Shukla, director of Andhra Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC).

To begin with, the Tourism wing may launch six such vehicles. “The CRDA has asked for two amphibious buses to cater to the transport needs of the Secretariat staff. Each vehicle has a seating capacity for 16 people,” said Mr. Himanshu.Eight jetties have been constructed on the Krishna and Godavari banks for the purpose and ramps are also being set up.

Watch the trial run here: