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Could India Be The Last Resort For The Undermining Apple Inc…!!


Our thoughts, well not, if I could buy Moto or Samsung or OnePlus models at 3/4ths of the price. I mean come on we are a very moderate economy, and when you extrapolate it with the fact that only 2% of the entire populace are earning above an approx 1 lakh per month, it becomes difficult to fathom how we could entertain a closed case phone like Apple. But then again  as the thing goes, It’s status symbol epiphany is what we are looking at here.

As Apple Inc. reported its first quarterly revenue drop in 13 years, primarily due to a decline in sales of the iPhone, there was one bright spot for the company–India.

In a quarter where almost nothing worked in favour of Apple, due to what Apple CEO Tim Cook called “macroeconomic headwinds”, India stood out. In the earnings call, Cook highlighted how iPhone sales has grown 56 percent year-over-year in India. And this is when globally there was a 16 per cent fall in the number of iPhones sold.

To give the company its due, seeing the jump in sales, it’s finally realizing there is a market for its products outside the rich, developed world. Cook wrote off Apple’s slow going here until in recent months with a “poor networks”.


“The thing that’s held us, and many others, back is that the LTE roll out has begun just really this year,” Cook said. “We’ll see some really good networks in India this year and that will unleash the power and the capability of the iPhone in a way that an older network of 2.5G or 3G couldn’t.”

Sure. But that has nothing to do with making the product available. Apple started selling its products in India via exclusive resellers only a handful of years ago. And as Cook said in the earnings call, it’s picked up its focus only in the past 18 months.

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