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Araku Coffee…Not just a name! It’s an International Brand now!


Coffee ante evariki istam undadu cheppandi! Aaa smell…aa taste abba! Adoka adbutamaina feeling! One cup of good coffee will make you refreshed and relieved. General ga manchi branded coffees anagane edo exotic beans from different countries a gurtostai manaki, kani mana India lo adi kuda mana Andhara lone oka international brand status lo coffee beans production undi ade Araku coffee! Let’s know some interesting things about it.How it started:Almost 100 years back, Vizag loni Araku valley lo agriculture sarigga leka unna time lo, British officers encouraged the tribal community to go for coffee crop. Matti lo magic or akada water vallo telidu, crop harvest baga vachedi and the taste was just awesome. Aa beans enta good coffee ni ichevante when the British officers went on a holiday they used to carry bags of these beans along with them.
Naandi FoundationAs time passed coffee beans production faced some problems. Though the tribals knew how to grow the crop, they were unaware of the latest farming techniques, deeni valla seed quality taggindi, and profits kuda taggipoyai. Aa time lo ‘Naandi Foundation’ ane NGO took up the responsibility of educating the coffee bean farmers. Ekkuvaga pesticides vadite it will harm the nature ani organic farming techniques ni nerpincharu. They educated the farmers on how the coffee taste varies when grown differently under different conditions. Marketing lessons chepparu, ila they helped them a lot to revive the coffee production.
Modi is also a Fan of Araku CoffeeVizag visit chesina pratisari, special ga Araku coffee adigi mari tagevarata. CM Chandrababu Naidu said he is ready to be the brand ambassador for Araku Coffee.
International StatusThe first initiative to make Araku Coffee an international brand was taken up by Reddy Labs founder Anji Reddy. Along with him some more Big business tycoons like Mahindra & Mahindra head Anand Mahindra, Infosys Co-founder Krish Gopalakrishnan etc came forward to make ‘Project Araku’ a success. Various countries lo e brand ni introduce chesi, ochina profits ni coffee bean production expand cheyadanike use chestunaru.

Ee sari Araku vellinapudu oka cup Araku coffee maravakandi!