Are Raisins Good For You? Celebrating National Raisins Day!

The National Raisins Day is celebrated on 30th of April every year, to acknowledge the benefits of raisins. Raisins are dried grapes and belong to the dry fruits family. They are used for cooking, baking and even brewing. They are found in most households and are used frequently to make sweets and desserts. But have you ever wondered about the benefits of raisins? Are they good for you? Continue reading to find out.
Raisins are known as kishmish in Hindi, Yendu Draaksha in Telugu, Ular Draakshai in Tamil are often considered as healthy alternatives to snacks. So, here are 6 benefits of eating Draaksha!

1.Treats Infections.

1 Celebrating National Raisins DayRaisins are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. They are also loaded with anti-bacterial properties. They boost the immune system and help the body in fighting bacteria and several diseases. Hence, it is healthy to include raisins in your daily diet.

2.Promotes Weight Loss and Gain.

2 Celebrating National Raisins DayRaisins are extremely low in calories and hence can be your alternative munching options. Also, raisins are rich in fructose and glucose. They provide the body with energy which will help you in weight gain. They can be best friends for those who have been trying to put on weight and failing at it.

3.Good for Skin.

3 Celebrating National Raisins DayRaisins are great for skin health. They guard the skin from the inside and prevent any kind of cell damage. They rejuvenate the skin cells and delay the ageing of it. Also, they help in preventing any sorts of blemishes and spots.

4.Good for Hair.

4 Celebrating National Raisins DayLoaded with nutrients like vitamin B, potassium and iron, raisins do wonders for hair health. They help to stimulate the hair follicle cells and keep the hair healthy. They also absorb minerals to the hair, and provide nourishment and strength to it. Apart from these, they also prevent hair loss.

5.Helps in Digestion.

5 Celebrating National Raisins DayEating raisins everyday on empty stomach is good for your bowel movement. The fibers in raisins prevent constipation and also help in disregarding the toxins and wastes out of the body.

6.Fights Acidity.

6 Celebrating National Raisins DayAcidity can be a severe problem. It forms stones in the kidneys and also leads to several heart diseases. The vitamins and minerals present in the raisins help remove the toxins of the body thus reducing the acidic content.

So, Happy National Raisins Day!

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