Are you a True Fan of Pawan Kalyan? Then, This Quiz Is For You.


He is currently living his godly moments being in the peaks of his career. One can only wonder for a few years how much more he would scale up from here. The craze he generates is immense. He doesn’t like to be compared neither does anyone are willing to compare him for the matured audience we have at the moment.

PK’s fan base boasts of one the biggest across the Telugu states and nation wide. Here is a quiz that will add that 2 minutes of fun for the 10 minutes you want to pass time on social media.


FAN kaadu nuvvu AC!!

Attempt aithe cheshinav. Malli kaludham!! 😉

#1 Is Pawan Kalyan a Non-Vegeterian?

#2 Pawan Kalyan is highly influenced by?

#3 Who is Pawan Kalyan’s Favourite Actress?

#4 Where was Pawan Kalyan born?

#5 What is Pawan Kalyan’s real name?

#6 Who is Pawan Kalyan’s Favorite Director?

#7 Who prompted Pawan Kalyan to Act in movies ?

#8 Which is Pawan Kalyan’s Favorite Movie?

#9 What did Pawan Kalyan want to become?

#10 What is Pawan Kalyan’s Age?