Masala Tea – When, Where And How It Started ?


Manam roju morning and evening intlo taage okka cup chai is something that dates back to a thousand years ago. Mana city lo ne kadu.. world lo chaala mandi deeniki fans.1 Masala Chai

Konni traditions prakaram this kind of chai began in a Royal Court. Some people say that it is 9000 years ago that this thing started. Some say the court was located in what is now India, while others attribute masala chai to Thai origins. Location edaina kani, the kind has created it following ayurvedic recipes to help cleanse your body.4 Masala Chai

Even early on, masala chai was made with a wide range of spices and prepared with many different methods. It was served hot or cold as a remedy for mild ailments. At this time, the spicy-sweet drink known as “masala chai” did not contain any tealeaves and was caffeine-free. Tarvata we have made additions using chai. In 1835, the British set up tea plantations in Assam, India. The black teas produced there made their way into local masala chai recipes. This is the first appearance of masala chai as we know it, complete with spices, milk, sweetener and tea.2 Masala Chai