Passionate Kidnap : Aspiring Producer Actor Kidnapped A Young Boy In Order To Fund Their Movie


Unable to see the needed light of success through their struggle, an aspiring Sandalwood actor-producer who was working on his own launch and a makeup man of a Kannada film heroine masterminded and executed the kidnap of the son of rich techie.

Ishan Bapat, 19, a student of Nitte Institute of Technology, was abducted on his way back to his Malleswaram home from the Yelahanka college last Tuesday evening, August 23, and released the next morning after police launched a massive rescue operation.

But what happened in between this is a story of a movie by itself.

The two main masterminds:

Muniyappa, alias Munna, alias Eshwar, 29, a producer-hero of Challenger, a Kannada movie in the making, was assisted by Hassan Dhongri Mohammed Ghouse, 26, a former makeup artist.

Police said Eshwar and Dhongri were desperately in need of money to see through Challenger, which was stalled, and took help from a few of their Yelahanka residents.

Well, they couldn’t handle the situation the usual kidnapper’s way. So, they first chose to blackmail Ishan’s girlfriend, saying they would upload pictures of her and Ishan. Their blackmail did not work with Ishan and the girl as they didn’t respond. The culprits had found out about Ishan’s affluent background after they saw him travelling in posh cars and living in a bungalow at Malleswaram.

“As planned, Eshwar and Hassan Dhongri abducted Ishan from near his college on the evening of August 22 and called Ishan’s mother from his phone, saying her son had been abducted and would be released for a ransom of Rs 50 lakh,” police said.

The interesting part of the story comes here.

Holding Ishan at knife point, the duo roamed all over the city through the night in their Matiz. Early on August 23, the kidnappers were near Jalahalli when Dhongri, who was driving, alerted Muniyappa about what looked like a speeding vehicle tailing them. Mistaking a cab for a police vehicle, they stopped the Matiz and freed Ishan before speeding away.

As media reports began hinting at Ishan’s friends executing the plot, the accused felt encouraged to try blackmailing Ishan’s friend again. On Sunday, Dhongri called her, asking her to pool Rs 2 lakh, and boasted that police had not touched them even four days after the kidnap. The girl contacted the police immediately and the police decided to bring in the climax for this one. As directed, the girl called Dhongri, saying she would pay up the money. Dhongri asked her to come near Gantaganahalli, near Yelahanka, on a two-wheeler around 5pm.

“We got Chikkajala police sub-inspector Naveen Kumar to dress like an auto driver and hired an auto for him to drive. Naveen waited near the college and the girl called Dhongri on reaching the place. But Dhongri asked her to come to another place nearby. She told Dhongri she would take an autorickshaw since she was new to the area and didn’t know Kannada. On nearing the designated spot, she again called Dhongri, saying the auto driver was refusing to ferry her further.Dhongri said he would come and meet her. Five inspectors in plainclothes in cabs had already reached the place. When Dhongri arrived, we swooped down on him,” Harsha told the media.