Attn: Harry Potter Fans!! JK Rowling just revealed Harry’s ancestral roots


Potter Fan? JK Rowling just revealed the history of the Potter family

JK Rowling, that intangible chord that connects us to our childhood, just dropped a delicious bomb to all Potterheads worldwide. While we are familiar with Harry Potter, we know close to nothing about his ancestors. Of course, there’s the affable James Potter who we see in flashes, but who came before Harry? Does Harry carry any Potter streak in him?

In an article on, JKR revealed the history of the Potter family, right from the first known ancestor that Harry had.

In her inimitable style, Rowling takes us through the Potter ancestry, which is bejeweled by quirky peculiar characters. If you ever wondered where Harry got his wacky, bold streak from, Rowling answers all your queries.

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The note on has details on Linfred Potterer, a ‘loony medical man’ who spent much of his life inventing the very inventive Skele-gro, which is still used in present day Hogwarts to treat bone-related injuries and misfortunes.

The bloodline travels further down to Henry Potter, who once opposed the Minister of Magic in London, or Fleamont Potter, who earned a lot of money through his invention – the ‘Sleekeazy Hair Potion’. Fleamont however, died of ‘Dragon Pox’ before he could see his grandson, Harry.

The most interesting bit, however, is the story of the Invisibility Cloak. Rowling reveals how the cloak found its way to Harry’s hands, and the rich history it carried, ahem, has been uncloaked.

Read the delightful article by JK Rowling on Pottermore here.

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