Avakai Animutyam: This Series Of 2 Young & Ambitious Girls That You Must Add To Your Watchlist

What To Watch? What To Binge? One of the most common troubles binge watchers often have to go through every weekend. For the time being, Digital media releases at least 1 OTT movie and weekly series. However, the struggle is often faced by those who have different OTT platform subscriptions since it is hard for them to find an interesting movie or series to watch. To put an end to this struggle for some time, we have come up with a new series suggestion for all the show buffs out there.

‘Avakai Animutyam’, a story of two best friends! The most interesting thing here is, you can watch it for free on your favorite digital platform, YouTube. It is a web series presented by Airtel Xstream Fiber and produced by Tamada Media.

The show title ‘Avakai-Animutyam’ sounds interesting and captivating, right? So is the web series! Wirally’s YouTube channel creator Jaiyetri Makana and Bigg Boss fame Ariyana Glory are starring as lead roles in this show. Jaiyetri Makana as Sruthi, an introverted software engineer from Vizag, and Ariyana Glory as Ananya, a Hyderabadi and aspiring filmmaker. These two girls land up living together as flatmates and eventually become best friends who embark on a riveting journey.

Tamada Media is delighted to partner with Airtel Xstream Fiber for this series as be it living with family or friends, the brand is relevant in all homes. In Avakai Animutyam, we see two best friends living together in a flat, enjoying a hassle-free life with their uninterrupted superfast Airtel Xstream Fiber Wi-Fi connection. The series was able to seamlessly establish multiple people using the Wi-Fi with no bandwidth issues, as they chose Airtel Xstream Fiber.

Sruthi and Ananya both resemble the present-day women with individual goals but with different approaches to life. Although Sruthi works at a multinational company, being the shy one, she finds it difficult to say no to things. While Ananya is contrary and straightforward. Her heart belongs in the creative field.

One must watch the show to see how it unfolds when they begin to get along with each other. Is it possible for two contrasting personalities to live with each other? If yes, How will they bond? Will they achieve their goals in the long run? To know all about their lives, you must watch all 8 episodes of Airtel Xstream Fiber presents Avakai Animutyam. Four episodes are out now.

Episode 1: The Unwanted Guest Is Streaming Now on Wirally’s YouTube Channel!

Head to Wirally’s Youtube channel to watch this interesting show now! After watching the first episode of Avakai Animutyam, you will definitely want to binge watch the next episodes for its intriguing story. Watch out as every Wednesday a new episode releases. The story assures the audience that the wait is worth it.

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