Avoid These 5 Foods On An Empty Stomach!

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of our day. And you can never have enough breakfast foods. But sometimes there are foods that must be avoided for breakfast. Eating them on empty stomachs will cause health hazards.


TomatoesAlthough tomatoes are super-nutritious, they are not great for breakfasts. They have high levels of tannic acids and this increases acidity in the stomach. When eaten on empty stomach, it leads to gastric ulcers.

2. Spices

SpicesWhile we love spicy food, it is wise to stay away from it during the mornings. When eaten on empty stomach, chilly peppers, pepper powder, or spicy mix lead to several gastric problems. They also cause heart pain.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy VegetablesGreen leafy vegetables you may ask? Sure, they are super healthy and are loaded with several nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. But since they are rich sources of fiber, and also have high levels of amino acids, they may harm your gut.

4. Sweets

SweetsOften, we toss one or two sweets or desserts in the mornings. Sweets are a weakness and we are always craving for more of them. And while they are loaded with flavors, eating sweet on an empty stomach harms the liver.

5. Soft Drinks

Soft DrinksSoft drinks are addictive. Oh, boy, they are. But drinking them on an empty stomach will lead to a subsequent weight gain. Also, their acidic content causes heavy body pains.


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