If You’re In AWE With Sai Pallavi’s Dance In ‘Rowdy Baby’ Then You Must Check Out These Dance Numbers Too

Premam movie lo Malar ane role lo acting tho south India lo sensation create chesindi Sai Pallavi. Premam and Fidaa movies tho break vachina ee actress recent ga Maari varaku tanu chese anni films lo heroine ki importance unna roles chesthu vastundi.

Chudadaniki girl next door la unde ee heroine dancing numbers cheyadam lo expert. And recent ga aa vishayam Maari movie lo Rowdy Baby song tho marosaari prove aindi. Sai Pallavi mark expression and grace staeps unna ee song Social media lo within no time lo viral aindi.

Rowdy Baby song pakkana pedithe Sai Pallavi chesina other dancing numbers kuda once chuseyandi mari.

1. Sai Pallavi In Dhee show.

Before she came into movies telugu popular reality dance show Dhee lo participate chesindi. So basically she is good dancer before she turned out as a good actor. (watch from 6:00)

2. Malar dance performance in Premam.

Just one minute video lo dance ante idi ane cheppe scene from Premam movie. Ee Malayalam movie tho ne Sai Pallavi actor ga career start chesindi. Malar character class ea but dance matram mass abba.

3. Here comes Vachinde from Fidaa

Nijame okkate piece hybrid pilla analsinde ee movie lo performance and aa ‘Vachindhe’ song lo grace steps chusina varu evaraina.

4. Yevandoi Nani Garu dance number from MCA

Complete mass number oka oopu oopindi ee song aa style and aa grace literally Nani ni dominant chesindi bhayya ee song lo.

5. What if Sai Pallavi dance for ‘Barso Re’ song from Guru

Barso re manchi dance number Guru movie, Aishwarya dance ea keka ra ante Sai Pallavi chesina chinna bit version keko keka. Malayalam lo Tv show ki guest ga velli perform chesindi.

6. Sai pallavi performance in some dance festival.

Oka stage show lo tango style dance aithe just wow factor.

7. O My Lovely Lalana from Padi Padi Leche Manasu

Ee fusion song ki, tana simple and graceful steps correct ga apt.

8. Rowdy Baby – Maari

Assale dancing queen ani andaru antunte, ee dance number which is choreographed by Prabhu Deva master and Baba master is next level and Sai Pallavi proved it again. Nenu aithe Dhanush ni chudaledu and ee song lo mari meeru

Coment your favorite dancing number of her here.

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