Those Awesome Scenes From Krish’s Movies That Won Everyone’s Hearts


Krish is the first answer on behalf of Telugu cinema to show that we as an industry make meaningful cinema. Cinema, that you would love to keep it close to your hearts. You can pick any of his movies and there would be great depth you could derive from them. Jagarlamudi Radhakrishna or Krish as we know, explains through his movies that every one of us have a humane side to us. If that part is tapped, there is immense self-discovery that happens once you come out of the hall.

With his four movies, he has built a brand for himself. We know that this man can never go wrong. The depth his characters have during their conversations throw a thought into our minds asking us to think beyond what he shows. Someway he just connects to our conscience and if you want to know when those moments come, be alert when you get goosebumps while watching his movies. Those are the moments you are shaken within. Here I want to talk about those moments which were really hair-standing from this genius’s work.

GAMYAM – When Gaali Seenu is shot in the back!



A story about two people, Abhi and Gaali Seenu, with different outlook towards life travelling together discover themselves in the process. After clashing with the militants, Seenu and Abhi escape while Seenu tries to help Abhi out and in process gets shot. Its Abhi who feels the pain, a pain which he was never used to earlier in his life.

VEDAM – Cable Raju walking out of the 5-Star Hotel with stolen money and handing it over to the old man.

Vedam, a movie with great soul set a benchmark in TFI. Amidst his selfish needs, when Cable Raju realizes his mistake and looks at his face in the mirror, he answers himself the mistake he is doing. He walks out telling his girlfriend the truth that he is not rich and goes back to the hospital giving back the old man his money. Possibly one of the best scenes in last decade.

KRISHNAM VANDE JAGADGURUM – The scene where B.Tech Babu performs the play written by his grandfather – ‘Manishi ela edhagalo chepe naatakam’

The entire song of ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’ sung by Balu towards the climax where B.Tech Babu is performing his grandfather’s play and avenges the killing of his parents simply keeps your heart beat pacing all the while. Blending the theatre narration and cinema with a great plot tangling with human emotions was indeed a brilliant piece forming for a perfect climax.

KANCHE – When Haribabu sends away all the refugees on a boat and goes back to fight the Nazis.

The latest sensation Krish created was with Kanche. The strong character of Haribabu was a huge asset. He was a man who made his voice heard many times in the movie. A promise to his girlfriend, Sita that he would protect her brother and justifying ‘yudham na kosamo nee kosamo mana desam kosamo kaadhu..REPATI kosam’

Team Wirally wishes Krish many many happy returns. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!