10 Awesome Singers Who Have Also Excelled In Dubbing For Other Actors


By Haripriya Gurujala

Singers have beautiful voices. No doubt about that! May be this is one reason why our industry not just limits them to singing but extends their talent in lending voices too. There are a lot of famous singers who have lent their voice to many actors. Here check for yourself!

S. Janaki


Janaki amma as she is called is known for her lovely melodies. Her speciality is that she can easily imitate the voices of any age group. This was the reason why many of the makers opted for her voice. She has lent her voice for many characters from a kid to an old woman. Her best known work is the voice behind Sreedevi  for Vasantha Kokila

S.P. Balasubramaniyam


Legendary singer SPB is an expert with variations in most of the songs. He was the voice behind Kamal Haasan for long time and that old man voice for Naser in Athadu simply shows his versatility.

S.P. Sailaja


Shailaja was the voice behind Tabu in Ninne Pelladutha, Sonali Bendre in Murari, Isha Kopikar in Chandralekha and many more.



Everybody knows this. He is the voice for Thalaiva in Telugu. He also lends his voice occasionally for other actors as well.



Hemachandra is the voice behind Ilayadhalapathy Vijay for Telugu in Snehitudu. The voice synced so well that any song sung by Vijay in Tamil will have Hemachandra’s voice in Telugu most of the times.

Veena Ghantasala


Hailing from the legendary Ghantasala family, veena has proved her skills as a singer like her grandpa and is continuing to explore her skills in dubbing as well. She is the voice behind Adah Sharma in Heart Attack, Haniska in Biryani, Genelia in Urumi and many more

Raghu Kunche


We all know his peppy numbers. But, how many of us are actually aware that he was the voice behind Aravind Swamy and Abbas in Telugu dubbed versions in late 90’s and early 2000’s

Sravana Bhargavi


Known for her husky voice, Bhargavi was the voice behind Shruthi Hasan in Gabbar Singh.



Sunitha with her wonderful voice adds life to many characters. One such character which we would all remember would probably be Rupa character played by Kamilinee Mukherjee in Anand.



The soul behind Samantha’s characters. We all fell in love with her husky voice from the days of Yem Maya Chesave. She also dubs for Lavanya tripati. She is also Gautham Menon’s favourite as she is the one who dubs for most of his heroines.