10 Awesome Things About Summer

Every season has its beauty. We all get irritated due to the scorching heat in summer. In other seasons there is only one Sunday a week. But in summer all are ‘sun’-days!! There are some best things about summer and that’s why it’s special to us.

1.It’s Mangoes time!summer

Who doesn’t love mangoes! They are king of fruits and mainly available during summers. We all while away time in our summers enjoying every bite of these mangoes. Be it granny’s pickle or mom’s milkshake we find mango everywhere.

2.Yeyy!Holidays, Vacation time!!summer

It’s holiday time for schools and colleges. We all have profound childhood memories visiting grandparents place in summers. We all plan for various trips trying to escape sun.

3.Getting up in the morning is no more a hard task!summer

In winters and the rainy season, we all find it difficult to wake up in the morning. We feel lazy to work and the only thing that always runs in mind is to hit the cozy the bed and sleep tight. But in summers sleepiness doesn’t bother.

4.Ice Cream? Why not!summer

Summer is a time when we cannot say no to ice creams! We stock up our freezers with ice cream tubs and make ourselves and our guests happy. We never leave a chance to grab those tangy popsicles.

5.Time to flaunt those shades!summer

Who doesn’t feel cool and stylish in shades? And summer is the best time to flaunt them all the day.

6.Loads of movie releases!summer

Many movie productions plan their releases in summer as it’s a holiday season. Many good movies will be lined up for summer especially family entertainers.

7.Perfect time to take out the cotton and linens from a wardrobesummer

Time to say goodbye to heavy and dark clothing and wear light and short clothes! They are very comfortable and airy.

8.Sipping lemonades, sodas, and golassummer

Aah! What a bliss as the cool lemonade passes down the throat quenching our thirst in the hot summer. Watermelons, coconut water, Rasna etc are our summer favorites.

9. Eating lightsummer

Due to the heat, we don’t feel like eating oily and heavy foods. We prefer light and fresh food to fried items thus not dumping junk into our tummy. So summers help us in having healthy and light food.

10. IPL

Migatha vallaki emo kani mana Indians ki matram summer ante IPL-IPL ante summer. yes ee season lo andarini excite chese thing edaina undi ante adi definite ga IPL eh.

Comment below what are your best things about summer!

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